Friday, May 28, 2010


yesterday was rainy rainy with lots of jump-out-of-your-seat- thunderclaps.

a great day for:
my garden- green beens are flowering!
attempting to make homemade ginger beer
starting a new book
and working in studio.

i'm sorta particular about my drawing supplies. here is what I always like to have with me before beginning work.
super comfy bose headphone, natural hair paint brush, martha scissors, mars plastic eraser ( i find it erases very well) rapidograph pen for tiny, tiny line drawings, draftline pencil, .3mm HB refills ( the perfect hardness- doesn't smudge, but still makes a nice line) pencil sharpener, eraser refills, i pod with lots of podcasts (this american life, fresh air, radio lab, stuff you should know, the moth) and martha xacto knife.

oh and watercolors too.

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