Monday, August 31, 2009

patching foundations

here is me(not pictured!) and Brad-in-plaid learning all about tuck pointing. ( Brad is my landlady's handyman, and I've been helping him fix up several of her rental properties.)

tuck pointing is taking a trowel and shoving a bunch of cement into the cracks of a stone wall.

so hopefully the house will stop sagging.

I've also been filling in the holes of my understanding of art theory. I took out a book from the awesome monroe library called, "The End of Art" I'm trying to get a clearer understanding of the difference between "Modern" and "Postmodern" art. Here are my notes so far:
there's still a lot left to read.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I live in Bloomington. (?)

Well here we are in bloomington! Im having a good first impression of the place, settling in, but of course plagued by the existential ( Why am I here/What am I doing?)
-my tiny desk
-a view of the kitchen
-Indiana loves camo
- I guess you only have to lock your bike with a bungee here

Sunday, August 16, 2009

road trip day one

Hour one and the trailer came off the hitch in conneticut!! With the trailer attached to the car by a safetly chain, and swingly scarily into the passing lane, Adams kept his cool and brought the car safely to a stop in the breakdown lane. We jacked the smoking hot trailer back up and onto the car hitch,screwed it on real, real, tight, got back in the car and freaked out about the awful accident we'd just avoided. Finally in Brooklyn for second half of packing and off to Athens Ohio tomorrow. And then on to Bloomington, Indiana the day after and a promise from Adams to take me out to a Korean for dinner-my favorite! (pix to follow once I find camera cord thing)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


first learn-how-to-drive-standard-lesson(that's Adams' legs, not mine.) in order to drive to Indiana with this trailer attached... tomorrow! oh boy. feel sweaty.