Monday, November 30, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

puppies puppies puppies!

my brother's two new puppies finally arrived.

fat puppy tummy!

cowboy and mr. mittens at the petstore. ( i think i need a haircut)

I managed to cook a vegan thanksgiving dinner with no complaints.
( mom made the turkey)
my mom XXOOs martha stewart. she brought a bunch of her martha collection to TN for craftnight. here are some cards and gift tags I made.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


road trip into god's country
view from ferris wheel, dollywood
hiking in smokey mountains
christmas at krogers
helping brother put up fence for new puppies

hotel with mom and puppies
dog park. johnson city, tn

Saturday, November 21, 2009

house guest

we got another new couch because the first one wouldn't fit in the front door. Plus this one folds out for guests.
ok. it's not a couch it's. it's a futon.

couch arrived just in time for sarah to sleep on. today we rode bikes to the quarry. Tomorrow- Dollywood!

Monday, November 16, 2009

current events

Friday and today just started working for Althea Murphy Prince as her studio assistant.

today strung some hair balls on to some string. sounds boring but actually kinda nice. I listened to NPR, This American Life, a book on tape, Defiance Ohio and the Mountain Goats. It's nice to have a purpose, and a job, to have someone expecting you and needing your help and paying you for it.

Also started a book that is exactly the book I've always wanted that describes the current events and relations between countries, and the conflicts within the countries, the countries history, and relations with neighboring countries. Each country is described in about 5 pages, so obviously kinda simplistic, but actually, it seems like a lot of wars are simplistic? Maybe that is an ignorant thing to say... But it just seems that a lot of conflicts get blown up and last for generations and no one remembers what started it. Actually the trend seems to be people are manipulable when they don't have enough information. I was afraid this book would be too depressing,and it is... but it feels better to understand the crazy reasons behind all these wars, although frustrating. I think it would be good if instead of spending so much money on U.S military presence, and training armies in other countries ( and then abandoning them) it would solve a lot of unrest to create jobs with that money... even a stupid job like stringing hair balls onto hair strings makes a person feel OK. and if you were making more money doing that then being in a guerrilla army... or fund small businesses, right at the source... I'm not sure what to do about nuclear weapons. its so scary that one miss-step...scary because it seems inevitable.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

bein' classy

new couch

new teeth
and off to the opera!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what a day!

today adams got into bike crash so spent this morning getting that all worked out... we thought he needed stitches but too much skin was missing to have anything to stitch

after ER onto the dentist to try and fix or replace missing (front) tooth :(
also today I found out this dachshund is my neighbor!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

root vegtables

Today carved out pumpkin-a bit late, but better then never.
I really meant for this to be a happy face.
Today also made a delicious dinner of onions, garlic, and two types of squash tossed with rosemary and oil and baked for an hour.
with pumpkin seeds for dessert

a trip outta town

Adam's parents were in town so we took them to Indianapolis Art Museum. Stopped off at an Antique Mall on the way. I liked the old fashioned kitchen stuff and all the tools- so well made! makes me want to only buy antique stuff from now on.
A meat hammer!

and then on to the museum. Here is Jesus rising from the dead- he looks so cute!

Saturday finally went to House Bar. Kinda disappointing. The atmosphere was all wrong, and it had patio furniture instead of anything you would actually want to sit on. But the drinks are cheap and the bartenders are very friendly.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I wanted to make a big bow to put in my hair to go to dinner- Adams parents are in town and we're gonna go to farm, a restaurant that I've been excited to go to but beyond our budget. Our budget is we don't ever eat out. Anyway-besides some bandannas, i have no fabric remotely suitable for making a hair tie! I really do throw out too much stuff when I move. still in the bow mood I'm gonna wear a bear and bow pin I made in school along with a battle ship necklace I had cast last year and my BFF heart too of course.

bow illustration from

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I would label today as "awkward." Went to this dance "class" that turned out to be kinda of a hippy "free dance" so you just move to the beat "doing what your body asks of you" I would call this fun at a bar with friends but def. awkward with you, the teacher, and one other person. It was a long hour.
also I've been listening to a lot of " This American Life" Too much. Its almost as bad as TV- sit for episode after episode pretending to draw... i think i have to mandate that I can only listen to it during mindless tasks- folding laundry, cooking, or cleaning. Music with Drawing from now on.


Monday, November 2, 2009


Today didn't do too much. Yesterday I finally mowed a lawn that I was supposed to mow about 2 weeks ago but kept putting off. Today it felt good to not have that on the back of my mind. Also went to exercise class. I didn't go Saturday or Sunday definitely felt my mood falling by today, but the class cheered me up. There was two teachers- one lady tells you what to do and the other lady walked around and made small adjustments to your form. It feels really nice to have a gentle hand on your back. She also said, " that's perfect!" she said it often and to everyone, but it was still very encouraging. I've been telling myself, " thats perfect!" while making dinner and for the rest of the evening.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

ice cream party

the yellow was that yellow

not vegan


preparty at adams' studio

a hazerdous bike ride to scaredance party at Brad's house