Monday, May 31, 2010

i love lavender

lavender always reminds me of a wonderful trip I took with my Mom to France. I've been trying to incorporate it into my daily life so as to feel like I am constantly "en vacances"

I xoxoxo making homemade pizza. I've been trying out pizza dough recipes and all of them have been so-so thus far. today i found the perfect recipe! by julia child of course. this is actually a foccacia recipe, but I think it would also make a good pizza.

today i just make a plain foccacia but I added about a Tbs of dried lavender during the mixing process,( make sure your lavender is intended for eating/hasn't been sprayed with pesticides) and topped it with 2 large onions very thinly sliced (so they are cooked thoroughly before the crust burns) and some fresh rosemary. the lavender made it all very exciting and pretty and delicious. Don't skip the cornmeal part- i think it makes the crust extra delicious. serve with lavender olives (i found some at the grocery store, but i suppose you could add lavender to some regular olives a couple of days in advance.)

other uses for lavender:
my hairdresser told me how to make a homemade spritz to make my hair less frizzy and my curls more defined-
In a spray bottle combine some water,a little sea salt and lavender oil. spray on towel dried hair. oh la la!

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