Wednesday, April 7, 2010

xx and jj

yesterday got free tickets to see xx and jj at the Chumley Theater. XX is a swedish electric pop band. It was pretty heavy handed on the stage theatrics. I imagined them stressing out about what a true american rock show should look like. it resulted in lots of choreographed lights, lots of backlighting, a disco ball and smoke machines.


  1. I thought this was going to be about jj sempe

  2. i saw that same tour in philly.

    so, jj didn't just stand at the microphone like she was singing karaoke? cause that's what she did for us.
    it was weird and wonderful.

  3. jessi,
    that's a perfect description of jj's performance... was there also a guy dancing around with a guitar, but not playing?

  4. yes! he was there! sometimes he's pick it up an strum, but then he'd stop and the music would keep going, and we'd realize he wasn't really playing anything. he was her crew. like in hip-hop.