Wednesday, April 14, 2010

new years resolution part II

we are about 1/4 way through the year, so just checking to see if I'm track. here were some of my resoulutions, written in a december post:

I'm a big fan of Anders Neilson. He co-curates a gallery in Chicago- well actually its a coffee shop, but anyway if i sent him work and I had to drive to Chicago and meet him that would be cool. also, I have 2 books half ways finished and it would feel pretty good to have those done and out in the world so I could move on. I would like to get up earlier, get a job, apply to some residencies (penland, women's studio workshop, xeric) sell those two books i finally finish at cinders and desert island. I think I'm eligable for free health insurance, I just have to fill out some forms. practice some kind of instrument.

the verdict

-for the chicago gallery ive been working on a series of prints about a sailor's life ( i've posted some of the water prints) just have to finish a couple more, photograph them and send pictures to anders.

-i finished one of the 1/2 finished books, but still working out how to get it published exactly. Ive been struggling with Instant Publisher. I cannot figure out how to upload my pictures to the site! but once i figure that out it is way more affordable then LULU. ( although you do have to order in bulk)

-def. need to work on getting up earlier

- got a job!

- applied to penland and women's studio workshop, chickened out on the Xeric grant, mostly because of their expensive application proccess.

- half way through free health care application, just need to corral application form into one envelope.

-I will have to rustle up my drum sheet music and get tapping.

wow- im a bit further along then i thought. written down i see that I tend to stop two steps away from victory. this week's resolution is to get ALL of this stuff off my list by next friday.

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  1. Come be my life coach. You are killing it this year. I am so excited to see/buy/promote your book. For reals.