Wednesday, April 28, 2010

assorted updates/what I've been reading

-this past week I've watched 1.5 documentaries on china ( 1920's- 1999'ish) its a long and confusing history. today i finished "the man on Mao's right" an autobiography written by Mao's English interpreter ji chapzhu. Ji was born in china, but fled to america during 30's rebellion and returned to china in his 20's. it answered a lot of the questions that arise from watching 6 hours of china documentary. Ji fought for the communist cause, but has a western democratic sensibility and able to explain chinese culture to americans. but a lot of the rebellions he doesn't even understand. a lot of the craziness and treachery is straight out of "Animal Farm"

-i was gonna drive a support van for my brother who is doing a bicycle race from CA to CO, but called him today to back out. have mixed feelings of relief, x-treame guilt and depression over not ever being able to DECIDE what I want to do.

- i miss my mom millions. looking at tickets fro trip to MA for mothers day weekend and a bit beyond. looking forward to yardwork, indian food, puppies, cocktails and hanging out with mom.

-tomorrow is studio cleanup but looking into renting studio space for the summer, and possibly taking drawing class.

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