Thursday, December 10, 2009

cold and getting colder

today had final crits for print class. so long and unhelpful and in which I re-remember that it really only matters if you are personally happy with your work. its so annoying to talk about work you're not happy about, but maybe good because it maybe clarifies what you WISHED it looked like.
here is a photo of Yogis which is the sports bar right by our house. It is kind of place where you can order a bunch of shots delivered on a ski ( a shotski). Its kinda awful there but we end up going there a lot because its right by school and close to home and has booths and is comfortable and they ASSUME you want your bill divided up 5 ways

pictures of the snowyness ( that shorter building in the foreground is the print studio)

today after class I wrote christmas cards and Adams took me out to Thai and then we watched charlie brown christmas and were supposed to go back to school but didn't.
the excitement and talk of the town is Rachel and David's dress up christmas dinner tomorrow. EVERYONE is going.

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