Wednesday, December 23, 2009

movie review

yesterday I watched "Julie and Julia". I found it both annoying and angering. First Julie's husband convinces her to start a blog about her endeavor to cook all the recipes in Julia Child's cookbook,"Mastering the Art of French Cooking" because she is annoying him with all her," I don't have a purpose in life".
But then he gets mad and leaves because she gets really in to it and it is taking too much time away from their sex life, but all the while he is stuffing his face with all the awesome dinners she is making him.
Also I have always hated when grownups say "yum" or worse "yummy".
Also Julie is unable to boil a lobster and has her husband do it for her-if you are gonna eat a lobster you should be forced to kill it. Even I have done that- before my vegetarian days.
Also they finally have sex to the sound of a million editors offering her book deals on the answering machine- is that how it happens? some editor just calls your house? who has a home answering machine? wouldn't they just email her?

I did like the parts about Julia Child- I wish the whole movie was about her, and I was delighted when you find out Julia Child did not think much about Julie's project, although it is pretty cool she had a year long project and accomplished it... but the only reason Julie is interesting is because she has a movie made about her, so why did she have a movie made about her, if she wasn't interesting until the movie was made about her?- the ol' Catch 22.

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