Tuesday, September 1, 2009

building on my strengths

I would describe myself as charmingly awkward. Will my life improve tomorrow if I accentuate that fact with these new glasses? Do I want people to know I'm a nerd right off the bat?

everyone keep in mind that
1. I don't have a job, and maybe I should be saving money???
2. This is my boyfriend

note the glasses similarity, but please read #3
3. Adams usually wears contacts.
4. actually maybe its 60/40. contacts/glasses

This photo is from tonite because tuesdays have turned into date night i geuss. Today we went to a Turkish Restaurant that was surprisingly fancier then the outside would lead you to believe. We were worried that it would be too expensive, but then remembered nothing is too expensive in Bloomington. Entrees were $14 and come with bread, appetizer, soup or salad, the entree, and a cookie! Adams payed the check and said what we always say here, which is:" why, in NY that would've cost twice as much!" of course we could have also gone out to dinner after 8 without worrying that the restaurant was about to close.

but what about those glasses?

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